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PHS 2020 Webinar Personalized medicine: A challenging health care model for human wellness

Webinar date January 1, 1970 16:16
Password: PHS
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DAY 1 07:00 pm Personalized Medicine in the era of Genomic Medicine. Prof. Heba Kassem. Professor Medical Genetics & Executive Director of Clinical Genomics Center Faculty of Medicine - Alexandria University, Egypt. 07:20 pm Personalized Medicine and Artificial Intelligence in clinical development: The discovery and clinical trials of COVID19 vaccine and therapy. Dr. Ashraf Elfiky. Clinical Trials Medical Officer- EMMES, USA. 07:40 pm The impact of Nanobiotechnology in Nanomedicine and the Road towards personalized Medicine. Prof. Shaker Mousa. Professor of Pharmacology - Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA. 08:00 pm Company’s Lecture. 08:20 pm Discussion. DAY 2 07:00 pm Could 3D printing technology solve the challenges of personalized drug delivery?. Prof. Amal Elkamel. Professor and Head of Department of Pharmaceutics-Faculty of Pharmacy Alexandria University, Egypt. 07:20 pm Pharmacogenomics a pathway towards precision medicine: Applications in community Pharmacy in Canada. Dr. Dalia A. Hamdy. Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Alberta, Canada. 07:40 pm Clinical PGx Implementation: Challenges & Opportunities. Dr. Mohamed Nagy. Head of Personalised Medication Management Unit Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, Egypt. 08:00 pm Company’s Lecture. 08:20 pm Discussion.